Location: US

Moonwalkers is a military group headquartered in US Freeport I and operating mainly around US Pits.

It is a self described hardcore pvp clan with strict rules. Super Hostile group willing to kill anyone in sparrow and pits.

Stated motive:

To shutdown all big clans dominating in sparrow and pits. USS, 0x, HIT, Predator, Siberian, Japanese, Chinese clans are all targeted and hunted.

Moonwalkers are allied with Space Invaders group.


Group leader: George


  • MW Punisher
  • MW Screwdriver
  • Captain’s Galleon
  • Captain’s Cannon
  • MW Scissors


  • Timmy no.2
  • LoowBoT
  • AcePandora
  • Jaxenstein
  • Lord of Jelly

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