Crime and security


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Scammers, thieves and vandals

Only reports from multiple players will be listed. These may not be the official opinions of!

  • F0EA 0z shop / Destroyer / Wrench Team
    Located in US Freeport II, involved in scamming and hijacking.
Crime video of “FOEA Destoryer (wrench team)storage” (now “0z shop”)
0z recorded in a sting operation
  • Quetzal and 6E78 Quetzal 2.0
    Notorious crime syndicate operating out of US Freeport II. Openly admits to extensive crimes including serial burglary, trade scams and vandalism.
  • DC41 Despacito storage ship
    Serial scammer and thief in US Freeport II.
  • Mudkip
    Repeat vandal


Ships that attack others without warning in the PVP zone. Only reports from multiple players will be listed.

6 thoughts on “Crime and security”

  1. Dark Trading and Destroyer(wrench team) Storage are also scammers.
    Due to an upcoming update ships will be able to change their names, so scammers will most likely take advantage of this to evade scammer lists.
    The Borg Fleet advises that everyone be wary of trading ships, and that they NEVER GIVE ALL THE ITEMS FIRST to a suspiciously eager or too-good-to-be-true trading ship.

    Please add “Borg Fleet” btw,
    Locutus of Borg


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