Coalition of US groups issue White Peace ultimatum to Space Invaders

A coalition of US based groups calling themselves The First Coalition have issued an ultimatum to Space Invaders, the group that launched the savage invasion against leading US groups over the past weeks.

This official declaration, released exclusively to Drednews by General B, leader in the USS Alliance, one of the member groups of The First Coalition, demands Space Invaders accept a “White Peace” treaty (full text below).

Due to the communication blackout between The First Coalition groups and Space Invaders, to indicate their acceptance of the treaty Space Invaders are required to make a public statement on Drednot Official or Drednews.

The ultimatum requires that the Space Invaders step down now with the White Peace deal, or an unconditional surrender will be demanded. The Drednews team have information that there is a 48 hours deadline on acceptance of the White Peace deal.


Article 1:

   All aimed hostilities are called off, a demand that must be met by all parties in the deal. Note that a fight may still ensure, but so long as it’s not targeted, no actions are required. If targeted hostilities are found to be present, or plans with the intent of being carried out are to emerge, all terms are immediately called off. 

Article 2:

   The Coalition Aimed at destroying the SI is halted, with the parties involved remaining secret. The Coalition can maintain a defensive pact for solely defensive purposes against the SI (Mutual Defense Pact)

Article 3:

   By signing the deal, all parties involved MUST agree to the terms, violation from ANY of the involved parties will result in the immediate termination of the treaty for all parties. In the event signed, the USS-SI war will officially come to end, with no winner declared.

US War: USS Alliance announces Operation Orion

The USS Alliance has announced that it plans to deploy Operation Orion. Few facts about the operation are known, except that it is intended to finally defeat Space Invaders in the war that has been ravaging US. GeneralB, leader in the USS Fleet said “I don’t want to say what is contains so it’s not compromised, but I will say, that both HIT and Reapers are working with us in it.” The Operation according to GeneralB, will destroy the SI. He asks other groups to join in the coalition working against them.

US War Continues

The war in US, between the invading EU group Space Invaders, and the native USS Alliance and others, is continuing with destructive intensity.

Heavy attacks have been made by both sides against each other, with battles in Sparrow, and lethal raids over control of the valuable mining pits.

Live shots of kills by Space Invaders in the war

The constant fighting has increased the danger in the conflict areas, and added fuel to the existing trend of increasing difficulty faced by regular miners due to attacks and piracy in these areas.

Economically, the war has consumed huge amounts of input from both sides. USS are known to have lost significant amounts of RCs in battles. Space Invaders’ urgent need for rapid construction and supply on the new server demands huge quantities of metal and explosives. Traders in US have experienced a noticeable increase in demand due to the requirements of both teams.



Reports just in of a huge invasion of US by EU forces!

Space Invaders, a group of the leading EU players, have launched a full invasion of US. Openly declaring war on main US factions: USS, HIT and Reapers.

Declaration of war by the official leader of the USS group on their group server in response to the invasion.

Heavy battle has commenced already, with reports that the heavily armed HIT Pirates ship has been one of the first casualties. USS have begun mobilising in full, with our reporter breaking the inside story that an official 25 RC bounty is been placed against Space Invaders by USS.

Official bounty placed on the Space Invaders group by the leader of the USS group.

How this will affect global politics in the US server is not yet known. Presumably there will be pressure on the S0TO to either rally against or treaty with the invaders. The primary advice Drednews gives to all ships is to be very careful of the increased current danger in combat zones.

USS Almighty Rampage

In a bid to amass the greatest score, the USS Almighty has been ravaging ships in US.

The USS Almighty has destroyed many ships through direct combat in the danger zones of US. Several ships have been heard complaining of this action.

The USS Almighty themselves have admitted this activity and directly revealed their motivation of achieving a record score. In a move that is likely to increase anger instead of calming it, the USS Almighty did not apologise for these actions, but instead offered financial compensation to captains of destroyed ships, while at the same time stating their aggression will continue. drunken crew specifically have been heard telling of the destruction of their own ship by USS Almighty, and vowed revenge.