Moonwalkers and Space Invaders pillage 33333’s storage ship

A squad of Moonwalkers and Space Invaders ships have attacked and looted 33333’s fully loaded cargo ship.

The attack happened in US Sparrow and the reason was stated as retribution for harassment by 33333 of mining operations in the pits. Estimates of the cargo looted have been agreed by both sides to be around 3000s0 metal 1000s0 explosives, 400 auto turrets, 350 burst turrets, 20 balls and 10 handheld pushers. A huge cargo by any standard, this may be the most valuable civilian ship looted so far.

The attacking force included ships Big Belly, Hunterboi, Goodboi, Dedicated Farmer, Container Ship, Mini Space Invaders and Seacoral. The ships HIT, Pirates Flag and STIG Immortal fought with the attacking force during the engagement. Needless to say, many independent scavengers were drawn to the wreckage as the battle proceeded.

33333’s cargo ship before and after it was pillaged.

33333 appeared to take the loss calmly and did not show a high level of hostility afterwards. It seems less likely that this battle, despite the value of the losses involved, will lead to a major feud of the kind seen during the Space Invaders – USS Alliance invasion.

Many thanks to Timmy for contributing information to this article, which has been independently verified by drednews.

Curse of the Ghost Ships

It’s not rare to hear the stories. In the recreations ships and casinos after closing time, where the old captains like to gather. You won’t have to wait long to hear a tale about their miner or transport ship: passing through the war zone, when suddenly a huge shape looms through the darkness. It looks like a wreck, a floating derelict. But it’s still moving. And its turrets are active.

We have all heard the stories of the ghost ships, and many of us claim to have seen them. But today the situation has changed, in two ways. Firstly, we have first hand proof of a ghost ship. And up til now they have frightened novice captains, but all previous sightings have been passive. However, today we saw the ghost ship behaving differently, directly involved in battle. And just as feared, weapons could do nothing against the ship, after all how can you kill something that is already dead? In fact, the ship was assaulting no less than a Space Invaders battleship! Even the previous terror invaders of US were themselves terrorised by the undead menace, trapping them vulnerable to small raider ships.

In this case the Space Invaders ship escaped without difficulty. But the behaviour of the ghost ship did not seem fully hostile. In fact its motives were as mysterious as one might expect. But surely we are all now thinking about the stories of ghost pirates we used to like telling, and hoping they do not turn out to be a reality.

Notorious criminals moan about getting wrecked by update

The infamous quetzal crime gang made a video about how update ℵ24+ made them feel grumpy, because all the time they took moving their stolen items from one ship to the other is wasted now.

Just teasing you quetzal you know we love you really 😉

That bit when {3913} SSS HIT MINER STORAGE steals from them. Oh the irony!

USS Alliance leader General B announces retirement

Leader in the USS Alliance, GeneralB, has announced his departure Drednot. His full statement provided to Drednews is below.

I’m sad to announce that I’m now making plans to resign from USS and drednot entirely, I’ll be appointing a new fleet admiral as I leave. I leave due to the low PvP rates and the updates that have destroyed the game for me. I hope others will continue to find drednot fun, as I’ve done in the past. I’ll be moving with a good deal of USS to another game, the official link to the discord for it is Thanks to cogg for drednot.

– General B, departing USS Alliance leader