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This website is dedicated to drednot.io the greatest ever .io game about ship building, combat, resource collecting and so much more!

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The game itself – drednot.io
Discord Chat
Twitter – @drednot_game
Reddit – /r/drednot
Unofficial Wiki
Ingame money – dredbank.com

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Latest issue of Drednews Extra now out!

13 thoughts on “Homepage”

    1. Would it be a worthy enough news report that a new Drednot PMC is being formed by former USS members and present active members of other clans as well?


      1. I would rather not disclose anymore information hear that I need to, rather I would be more willing to give more details in a private interview in regards to this. Additionally, I am not at my home base right now, so I am also a bit limited in the amount of information I can give. If possible I would like to organize the said private interview with one of your staff in order to give a more in depth information dive in regards to the PMC


    1. Hi Sulkyboi. It’s possible. Our reporters are very busy so generally we will choose specific people to interview.


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