USS response to White Peace treaty rejection

The USS Alliance has issued a response to the rejection and counter treaty by the Space Invaders to the USS Alliance White Peace treaty, provided exclusively to Drednews by GeneralB.

The USS Alliance refuses the treaty. The USS Alliance has been and will continue to be committed to providing support to allies, as well as players, both new and old. Recently, the USS launched the new player education program, designed to help players get better at drednot. The USS can also point out that the SI is worried about this war. The SI brought in around 20 people into the alliance on 06/23/2019, a sign that more then ever, the SI considers the USS a threat and is concerned. The USS remains committed to excellence and to being a welcoming alliance, unlike the SI. The USS is prepared for the long term and for war, and it urges all of those who wish to help to contact it.

– GeneralB on behalf of the USS Alliance

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