Official Space Invaders reply to USS Alliance White Peace treaty

ThirstyHigger has supplied the official reply to the USS Alliance White Peace treaty exclusively to Drednews. The reply is published in full here:

It has been brought to Space Invaders’ attention that ‘The First Coalition’ (of which all members except USS are unknown) has issued a public statement demanding a truce. The treaty has been written in a way that is only beneficial to USS, they fail to understand that additional conflict is only detrimental for them. Seemingly USS has been unable to ascertain the interest of SI and its allies. Furthermore USS are in no position to demand anything:

1. Most battles SI fought with USS and their allies ended with the withdrawal of the opponent or the destruction of their ship. SI has never lost any battleship even in situations where we got highly outnumbered.

2. The treaty shows no respect towards our ally [ʜɪ:] or to USS’ allies. HIT, Reaper, [ʜɪ:], SI and 0x have been the main participants in the ongoing war, USS did nothing to help their allies even in acute need. None of the names of these allies have been mentioned in the treaty.

3. USS was not able to protect their home server from a small group of people that started less than a month ago. The lack of competition due to only hunting beginners made them weak. Most of us, on the other hand, fought successfully against a team that some veterans of the US server may know as “Akra”.

But after all we have a counter-offer to make, we’d agree to a temporary cease-fire if USS meets the following conditions:

1. USS have to officially admit defeat in public to both SI and [ʜɪ:]. (Drednot Official/game-discussion and on

2. USS have to apologize to their allies for being a terrible ally, and for hunting beginners and promise to stop doing so. (Drednot Official/game-discussion and on

3. USS have to remove the word “Strongest” in all their ads.

– ThirstyHigger officially on behalf of Space Invaders

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