Coalition of US groups issue White Peace ultimatum to Space Invaders

A coalition of US based groups calling themselves The First Coalition have issued an ultimatum to Space Invaders, the group that launched the savage invasion against leading US groups over the past weeks.

This official declaration, released exclusively to Drednews by General B, leader in the USS Alliance, one of the member groups of The First Coalition, demands Space Invaders accept a “White Peace” treaty (full text below).

Due to the communication blackout between The First Coalition groups and Space Invaders, to indicate their acceptance of the treaty Space Invaders are required to make a public statement on Drednot Official or Drednews.

The ultimatum requires that the Space Invaders step down now with the White Peace deal, or an unconditional surrender will be demanded. The Drednews team have information that there is a 48 hours deadline on acceptance of the White Peace deal.


Article 1:

   All aimed hostilities are called off, a demand that must be met by all parties in the deal. Note that a fight may still ensure, but so long as it’s not targeted, no actions are required. If targeted hostilities are found to be present, or plans with the intent of being carried out are to emerge, all terms are immediately called off. 

Article 2:

   The Coalition Aimed at destroying the SI is halted, with the parties involved remaining secret. The Coalition can maintain a defensive pact for solely defensive purposes against the SI (Mutual Defense Pact)

Article 3:

   By signing the deal, all parties involved MUST agree to the terms, violation from ANY of the involved parties will result in the immediate termination of the treaty for all parties. In the event signed, the USS-SI war will officially come to end, with no winner declared.

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