US War Continues

The war in US, between the invading EU group Space Invaders, and the native USS Alliance and others, is continuing with destructive intensity.

Heavy attacks have been made by both sides against each other, with battles in Sparrow, and lethal raids over control of the valuable mining pits.

Live shots of kills by Space Invaders in the war

The constant fighting has increased the danger in the conflict areas, and added fuel to the existing trend of increasing difficulty faced by regular miners due to attacks and piracy in these areas.

Economically, the war has consumed huge amounts of input from both sides. USS are known to have lost significant amounts of RCs in battles. Space Invaders’ urgent need for rapid construction and supply on the new server demands huge quantities of metal and explosives. Traders in US have experienced a noticeable increase in demand due to the requirements of both teams.

2 thoughts on “US War Continues”

  1. Other powers casualties should also be mentioned. Also, though the war with SI is continuing, SI had admitted that they will be less active in EU and US. Nevertheless, you can try to predict the amount of lost by using rc or metal to value.


    1. Hi real reporter!

      Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, we don’t have evidence from any other casualties right now. As you can probably guess, it’s quite hard to get action shots from the war zone. But, we would love to have them! If you have any photos or videos please send them in – it can be anonymous if you like. We would love to predict more detailed info like you said, but unfortunately there are very few stats of the war, not enough for us to do this accurately right now.


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