Reports just in of a huge invasion of US by EU forces!

Space Invaders, a group of the leading EU players, have launched a full invasion of US. Openly declaring war on main US factions: USS, HIT and Reapers.

Declaration of war by the official leader of the USS group on their group server in response to the invasion.

Heavy battle has commenced already, with reports that the heavily armed HIT Pirates ship has been one of the first casualties. USS have begun mobilising in full, with our reporter breaking the inside story that an official 25 RC bounty is been placed against Space Invaders by USS.

Official bounty placed on the Space Invaders group by the leader of the USS group.

How this will affect global politics in the US server is not yet known. Presumably there will be pressure on the S0TO to either rally against or treaty with the invaders. The primary advice Drednews gives to all ships is to be very careful of the increased current danger in combat zones.

2 thoughts on “INVASION”

  1. how do i get involved with drednews?

    — Just get in touch with us through the Contact Us form
    — Drednews team


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