Casino Madness! has the exclusive scoop on a breaking story. US is getting it’s first new casino – but it’s not just getting one, it’s getting two at the same time!

Two brand new competing casinos are under construction, 2E9D 🎲FishMoon Casino🎲 in Freeport I and B495 Lucky Day Casino in Freeport II, to open imminently.

These new ventures were doubtless inspired to the hugely successful recently opened casino in EU, 💰🎰Casino🎰💰. has spoken to the owners of both casinos prior to their opening and can confirm they are each aware of each other and 💰🎰Casino🎰💰.

The initial work on both casinos is very grand, with FishMoon already sporting a huge dice statue reminiscent of 💰🎰Casino🎰💰‘s enormous $. They will doubtless bring the US leisure venues to a new level, which it has has a reputation of being slightly behind EU until now.

Obviously more news on these upcoming major competing businesses is hotly anticipated and guarantees we will get it to you first!

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