Location: EU Freeport II

Blueprints: https://imgur.com/hstfbg0.png


50 Rooms game

  • Rejoin ship as Crew
  • If lucky and get crew door, you win JACKPOT!
  • Otherwise, you get nothing
  • 1 Token = 1 Go

Throwing game

  • Throw your item on top of the prize you want!
  • It must land on the top block
  • You can jump but you must not fall down
  • 1 Token = 1 Go

How to buy a token

  • 3 Metal Stacks = 1 Token
  • 1 RC = 5 Tokens
  • 1 Shredder = 20 Tokens


The casino has a bar within its opulent surroundings, open to patrons.

The luxurious bar area

Bar Drinks:

  • CocaCola
  • Fanta
  • Water
  • Trash Juice
  • Tea

Hall of Fame

Top Winners: Nakoplap (1), LazyWainwright (1), LaTer (6),

Top Loser: Scotty (78 tries, no win xD)

Top Donator: LaTer, M&M

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